The Right Fit Toolkit™ is a validated, legally-defensible assessment technology developed by a team of psychologists at The Gabriel Institute. This series of assessments provides insight into what motivates someone and how they fit in your organization and on your team for maximum productivity. Other standardized tests identify personality traits, but the Right Fit Toolkit™ tells how someone will perform on the job and how to use coaching, mentoring and training to improve outcomes.

The assessments are quick, simple and fun. They ask respondents to put themselves into a variety of scenarios. While simple to take, Role-Based Assessment™ is able to predict with unsurpassed accuracy the best person to fill a position in your organization.

Select the assessment that's right for you!


Making hiring decisions? Find out if someone will fit the job and your organization before you hire them.


Starting, running or funding a business? Discover your entrepreneurial style and how to interact with your team for ROI.


Want to get more out of your team? Identify the people who'll fit together best to get the job done.


Want to become a better networker? Learn more about how you do it and how to do it more effectively.