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If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of expanding your consulting practice to include Role-Based Assessment™, you are invited to join us in a webinar where you'll learn how to help your customers meet the greatest leadership challenge: how do you get the right people on board working productively together to make your business successful? From choosing the right person for the right job to building a powerhouse management team, from selecting successors to planning for your future needs, your customers need the right tools to get the information that supports their decision making. For decisions about people, an appropriate assessment provides the information you need.

This webinar is appropriate for those who consult internally to their organizations as well as external consultants. It will give you a quick overview of what assessment is, how it's used and how you can help your customers decide on its effectiveness.

You'll learn:

  • The difference between effective and ineffective people;
  • Types of assessments and how they work;
  • How to help your customers improve the value of their business team; and, most important
  • What's in it for you!

You'll also learn about becoming a Certified Assessment Analyst and how achieving this designation will advance your skills and allow you to join with others, globally, who are thought leaders in the use of assessment in consulting practice.

To sign up, start by experiencing Role-Based Assessment™ right here

Then email consultants@thegabrielinstitute.com and the registrar will contact you with the next available webinar date.

Questions? Email marketing@thegabrielinstitute.com.

For more information on certification, look here.