Certified Assessment Analyst Training

Certified Assessment Analyst Training is available to those consultants who possess a combination of relevant education and experience in human resources, coaching, counseling or similar disciplines to be considered a senior level practitioner. The process starts by applying here.

Here is a brief overview of the process:

Level One: Basic (4 hours)

  • Basics of assessment, quantitative and qualitative
  • Role-Based Assessment™
  • Introduction to the Roles, how to identify and best use them
  • Other characteristics assessed by Role-Based Assessment™
  • Assessment in the Talent Management Cycle

Level Two: Intermediate (8 hours)

  • Basics of Contextual Management™
  • Reading assessment reports in depth
  • Applying report findings to staff development, mentoring, coaching and training
  • Planning, executing and evaluating developmental activities
  • How Roles interact
  • The dysfunctional Roles and how to deal with them

Level Three: Advanced (16 hours + practicum)

  • Science of Contextual Management™
  • Applying report findings to support manager/report and mentoring pairs
  • Applying report findings to understand team dynamics
  • Guided practicum in advanced individual, pair and team analysis