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Starting, running or funding a business? Discover your entrepreneurial style and how to interact with your team for ROI.

Contextual Management, the theory that underlies the products and services of The Gabriel Institute is focused on the way people interact in any creative endeavor, including work, rather than the actual tasks they perform. No where is an understanding of these interactions more critical than in the entrepreneurial organization, whether start-up or later, both for the entrepreneurial team and the investors and trusted advisors who work to grow its value.

Here's an example of how a startup team comes together to go from zero to success.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Generating Success:

  • Good people can make bad teams - but the power to change that is yours. Read more.
  • Retaining non-family members can be a challenge if you don't build an organizational culture that values everyone. Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute, gives you two dozen quick ideas for building your "culture of retention." Read more.

Preserving Success:

  • For a goldmine of ideas and inspiration, check out The Entrepreneurship Institute's website.
  • Does humility have a place in leadership? Consider these ideas.
  • If you're a sales team and your goal is to make sales happen, does sales support matter? Sales managers in the know are looking at synergies. Read more.