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What actually motivates someone to interact with other people is based on the relative strength of the two basic drivers of behavior. These are deeply rooted in our biological makeup. Using them more effectively is like rowing a canoe in the same direction the current is flowing in. You get to your goal faster, with less stress and completing the experience — getting to the goal — is exhilarating.

Tools4Networking takes this to the next step by providing feedback on how to best interact with people whose drivers are not the same as yours. This is key, since our natural inclination is to treat others as if they are motivated in exactly the same way we are. This is the biggest reason for the failure of excellent people to reach their networking goals. It holds true whether they prefer technology-based models of social networking such as websites and text-messaging models or the "old-fashioned" face to face methods.

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  • Say what you mean, mean what you say? Get the noise out of your communications! Read more.
  • Do you confine your networking to groups that contain people who are more like you than not? Consider the value of diversifying your network, then start by engaging someone in conversation who you never would have thought would be interesting to you. Let us know what happened and we'll publish the best stories here! Just use this form to tell us.

Networking Resources:

  • Do you have a favorite place to network, online or face-to-face? Let us know where you go, why you go there and what you get out of it and we'll publish the best stories here! Just use this form to tell us.