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Making hiring decisions?

Find out if someone will fit the role you need to fill before you hire them.

You hire people for what they know and fire them for who they are. What if you could know how they'll interact with others in your workplace before you hire them?

What do you want to know about your potential hires? We asked this question of ten successful business leaders and they all answered something like, "Will they make our organization more successful?" Some talked about competencies, some about training and some about the elusive "perfect match" and one even compared it to the search for the perfect soul mate! And all were concerned about the legal and ethical issues involved.

To increase your confidence that your screening and assessment process is valid, compliant, cost-effective and will give you the results you need, try this quick assessment. If you can answer yes to each, your system is working well for you.

  • Do you screen and assess your potential hires with an EEOC-compliant, ADA-compliant non-discriminatory method?
  • Do you use recruiting methods that bring you the broadest spectrum of potential hires?
  • Do you put the responsibility for completion of the application process on your potential hires?
  • Do you minimize time and money spent on potential hires who won't fit with your organization?
  • Do you minimize time and money spent on potential hires who will do a good job but won't stay long enough for you to recoup your investment?
  • Does your screening and assessment process give you information on how best to manage and motivate your new hire?
  • Does your screening and assessment process let you know who your high-potentials are, even before they start working for you?
  • Does your screening and assessment process help you build a winning team and not just stars, but stars who will play together to win?

Read about Role-Based Assessment™, named the only legally defensible assessment for hiring.

"Personality Tests in Jeopardy: An Evaluation of the Seventh Circuit's Decision in Karraker v. Rent-A-Center and its Implications on the Future Use of Personality Tests in Preemployment Screening," by Jennifer Gonzales-Frisbie (University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, Fall 2006)