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Resources for Recruiters

Pre-screening Facts:

  • According to Aberdeen Group's Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment: The State of the Art, the key business driver for pre-screening is the need to identify people who not only know how to do the job but are willing to do it. Read more.
  • Retention is a challenge that can best be addressed on the hiring end. Know what drives your best employees, even before you hire them, and you'll be on the leading edge retaining the talent you need. Read more.

HR Trends:

  • The Job-fit Standard starts with defining the corporate culture. Here are some tips on how to do it. Read more.
  • What can you learn from the master sleuth about detecting top employees? Plenty! Read more.
  • When your first rule is to make the sale, does sales support matter? HR professionals are in the lead, looking at synergies. Read more.