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About Tools4Teambuilding

When you're putting together a team, it's all about fit. That's what we call Human Capital Synergy — it occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

People tend to prefer others who are just like them. It's easier to understand and work with someone who thinks just like you do. But, unfortunately, this reinforces weaknesses and amplifies problems.

But put together the right mix of people, each of whom plays a Role that complements the rest and mix in a healthy dose of trust that the rest of the team will do their part, respect for each one, not as YOU would like to be respected but as THEY would, and faith in the overall Vision as set forth by the Founder and an amazing transformation occurs. People stop protecting themselves and their turf and start working for the common good. They put everything they have into the effort and magic happens.

In the traditional organization schema, roles are defined as functions: what people actually do and how they do it. At various levels of management, this includes span of responsibility and control. The challenge is to align the best performers with the needs of each role, so assessment and performance management focus on functional skill competencies rather than fit with the behaviors, values and culture of the organization.

When we use the term Role we are looking at the whole person, who they really are: what they don't want to be, are willing to be and really want to be. Role matters because it not only describes the person, but it gives you a roadmap and set of tools to get to a place where you feel like your job is custom-fit, just for you. It also describes the kind of working relationships you need to be part of that synergetic human capital your organization needs.

Welcome to the new way of increasing the value of your team.