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About the RightFit Toolkit™

Leaders are challenged every day to make sure they have the right person in the right job. Job descriptions, position requirements and requisition procedures are supposed to make the process easier, but they rarely tackle the real question that impacts the bottom line: Is the person the right fit for the job?

People are hired for what they know — and fired for who they are. Hiring for skill sets and credentials alone is likely to be misleading due to the well-documented "halo effect," which is caused by assuming that people who possess one desirable quality possess them all.

The theory that underlies the RightFit Toolkit™ is focused on the way people interact in any creative endeavor, including work, rather than the actual tasks they perform. Early on in our research, the importance of what we call Roles in any human endeavor became increasingly obvious. With our understanding, we were able to predict how people would function in their workplace, how successful they would be and how to motivate them and train them for peak performance. We also understood how the Roles fit together in problem-solving situations, both during a crisis and in everyday work, and so could predict the success of teams at all levels based on the array of Roles represented within them. More important, we can recommend and screen for exactly what any given team is missing, thus producing more successful work teams, since we can ascertain the functional level of each team member and match that to the needs of the organization.

While we had methods of learning a person's preferred Role, these were time consuming and difficult. It became obvious that there was a need for an objective test. The technique that was eventually developed was so successful it was eventually extended to create a family of tests known as Role-Based Assessment™. These cover all levels in the organization, from the boardroom to the mailroom, and are available in a growing number of forms and languages to serve the needs of our diverse, global customers.

With the RightFit Toolkit™, getting the right fit is just a matter of measuring with the right tool for your needs.